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Prevented Planting – Top Up Payments

Did you know more than 7,500 acres in McLean County were claimed as prevented planting in 2019? Those acres are eligible for an additional payment this year. As part of the 2019 Disaster Relief Act crop insurance users qualifying for a 2019 Prevented Planting (PP) indemnity will receive a supplemental PP, or Top‐Up, payment. Get … Read More

June 12, 2019 – University of Illinois farmdoc Webinar on Late Plant/Prevent Plant

Soil Health & Weed Control on Prevented Planting Acres 6/3/19

Take a look at some agronomic issues for switching crops, planting cover crops and preparing your prevented planting acres for next year.  Soil Health & Weed Control Presentation Slides Links: University of Wisconsin: Cover Crops & Herbicide Plant Back Restrictions

Illinois Farm Bureau – Market Facilitation Program 6/3/19

A look at what we know & don’t know yet about the 2019 Market Facilitation Program.  6.3.19 – Market Facilitation Program Slides

COUNTRY Financial Coverage & Prevented Planting 6/3/2019

A look at prevented planting coverage, claims and options from COUNTRY Financial. Presentation Slides Handout 1: Delayed & Prevented Plant definitions & Rules Handout 2: Final & Late Planting Dates

Prevented Planting Resources:

Links to University of Illinois Extension/farmdoc articles and the 2019 Planting Decision Model.  University of Illinois Extension/farmdoc Planting Decision Model 6/4/19 – The Advisability of Planting Corn Declines Rapidly with Later Planting Dates 6/4/19 – Dealing with Very Late Planting 5/29/19 –  Prevented Planting, 2019 Market Facilitation Program Payments, Disaster Assistance, and Price Dynamics 5/23/19 … Read More

Illinois Farm Bureau & COUNTRY Financial Webinar – 5/29/2019

 May 29, 2019 – Prevented Planting Webinar Presentation Slides May 29, 2019 – Prevented Planting Webinar Q& A