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  • SCO and ECO Insurance Program Use
    Since 2014, supplemental area plans of insurance have been introduced into the Federal crop insurance program.  These supplemental area plans – the Supplemental and Enhanced Coverage Options (SCO and ECO) – can be used to provide area-based protection for a portion of the deductible range associated with the farmer’s underlying individual plan of insurance.  Today’s […]
  • Illinois Farm Real Estate Values Increase $1,000 per Acre for 2022
    Each year the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the USDA releases estimated average farm real estate values by state.  The estimates are based on surveys of farmers from selected geographical areas.  The surveys follow strict statistical guidelines.  Estimated values may be revised the following year based on additional information.  Revisions may also be made based […]
  • Conventional and Organic Enterprise Net Returns
    Due to continued increases in demand for certified organic grains, crop farmers that have transitioned from conventional to certified organic grains report higher net returns per acre (McBride et al., 2015; Greene et al., 2017; Langemeier et al., 2020; Langemeier and O’Donnell, 2021; Center for Farm Financial Management, 2022).  Despite this, certified organic land accounts […]