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  • International Benchmarks for Soybean Production
    Our examination of soybean yield, gross revenue, and cost for farms in the agri benchmark network from Argentina, Brazil, Russia, the Ukraine, and the United States found that yield, gross revenue, and cost were substantially higher for the U.S. farms. In general, the 2018 to 2022 period was a profitable period for soybean production with […]
  • Hiding Behind the Baseline: Big Numbers and the Budget Game
    For the Farm Bill, behind the big numbers of the baseline are millions of people who receive federal assistance in one form or another. Budget policy can bury other priorities under the weight of large, aggregate spending figures, which can often serve convenient means to achieve strategic ends by smaller, factional interests. Ignoring these realities […]

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Increase in ag fatalities and injuries highlights need for training

Illinois is in the top four states for highest reported confined ag space cases, according to a recent summary of last year’s frequency and causes of confined space and grain entrapment incidents in the agricultural industry. With 218 Illinois cases, it’s a good reminder to everyone in the ag industry to take extra precautions when working in confined spaces such as grain bins, silos and manure storage facilities.   Read more

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Going ham for Christmas meat

It’s only September, but Tom Eickman of Eickman’s Meat Processing has had Christmas on his mind since April. As the third-generation operator of the family business, he still utilized his grandpa’s old-school methods to prepare hams. The key is to “keep it consistent, don’t cut corners,” he said. He will sell 1,500 to 1,700 hams during the Christmas season. Listen to how he is preparing for this year’s demand.   Listen

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A crop update from Jasper County

Dan Meinhart, a FarmWeek CropWatcher from Jasper County, began corn harvest last week. “The yield is good,” he said. Bean harvest began over the weekend, but he hasn’t received any early yield reports. Listen to his full harvest update with RFD’s Jim Taylor.

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Summer farm visits strengthen rural, urban ties

Illinois Farm Bureau’s Adopt-A-Legislator program helps to educate urban legislators about agriculture and rural life. More than 20 adopted legislators participated in visits this summer with their adopted counties. Read about their visits and what they learned in this wrap-up by FarmWeek’s Erin Henkel.   Read more

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View from the Cab: McLean County

Mathew Heberling might as well have been getting into a time machine when he stepped into the combine. He recently harvested corn trials at one of seven Answer Plots in McLean County. Some of the new varieties on the plots will eventually become products on the market to help farmers boost productivity and profitability in the future. The Christian County Farm Bureau president discussed his role as the senior research manager for Winfield and as a farmer with Daniel Grant.   Read more

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Vilsack details government shutdown impacts

The current fiscal year is set to expire Saturday and the U.S. House and Senate have yet to advance or agree on 12 appropriations bills. What does that mean for rural Americans and families who rely on federal nutrition and child care programs? USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack outlined the impacts during a briefing Monday.   Read more

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