McLean County Farm Bureau

March definitely left like a lion.

The active weather pattern brought mixed weather across the state, according to the latest CropWatchers reports. The most common word in this week’s report was rain, mentioned 28 times, and storms, mentioned 18. Find out how last week’s weather left soil conditions and farms.
  • Leroy Getz, Carroll County: The March lion ROARED with tornadoes and thunderstorms with hail. The path of destruction hit many farmsteads, buildings and grain facilities. We had a little tree damage. Through the several storms I only received 0.8 inches of rain.
  • Mary Streitmatter, Peoria County: After several rounds of rain last week, we received close to an inch. While many areas of the state had severe weather conditions, we were fortunate not to have anything extreme hit our farm. The forecast is calling for nice weather so there may be a few planters in the field later this week.
  • Paul Munie, St. Clair County: We caught another round of storms last week and continue the wet pattern. A few sprayers were running and I believe most of the wheat received its nitrogen. Most all other field operations have been at a standstill.
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