McLean County Farm Bureau

McLean County Internet Quality Survey

Does your internet speed slow you down? Is your internet always connected when you need it for your family and your farm?

Help improve the availability of high speed internet in McLean County!

McLean County Government has been awarded technical assistance from the United Soybean Board to develop a strategic action plan in conjunction with community partners to tackle internet connectivity challenges in the county.

Please take a few minutes of your time to complete the McLean County Internet Survey today or by March 31. Your response can help us identify gaps in service and develop plans to increase the availability, affordability and reliability of internet choices in our area.

Questions? Contact Francesca Lewis, McLean County Regional Planning Commission: or 309-828-4331.

The survey includes the opportunity to do an internet speed test. If possible, please complete the survey while connected to the primary internet source at your home and/or business location.

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