McLean County Farm Bureau

#1 – Sustaining our Future: A Farm Family Story

Scott Anderson, video producer, says: “It took eight months to create this hourlong documentary. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction to be able to explain such a complex issue like nutrient loss from farmland in a very digestible way for EVERYONE — not just farmers. We were also able to showcase the unity between Illinois Farm Bureau, academia and farmers on the ground in tackling this issue. However, what really brings this documentary together is how open and personal the Ganschow family was. Their work ethic, character and heart resonate with many farmers across this state, and I think that’s what makes this documentary so relatable and compelling — because this story also transcends the Ganschow family. It serves as a phenomenal example of how many farmers across this state are environmentally aware and implementing conservation practices as best they can in their operations.”


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