McLean County Farm Bureau



Ahead of the 2023 farm bill debate, economists at American Farm Bureau Federation published a series of articles looking at various provisions in the farm bill. Be sure to check out each of these Market Intel articles:

  • What’s in the farm bill for livestock producers? Provisions related to livestock inspection restrictions first appeared in the farm bill in 1996 and have had a limited place in the legislation ever since. READ MORE
  • Agricultural trade and food assistance programs. Title III of the 2018 farm bill, commonly referred to as the trade title, includes international food assistance programs, export market development programs, export credit guarantee programs and international science and technical exchange programs and provisions. They helped to lift U.S. agricultural exports a record level of nearly $177 billion in 2021. READ MORE
  • What about disaster funding? In 2021 alone, farmers and ranchers faced over $12.5 billion in crop and rangeland losses associated with events including extreme drought, wildfires, hurricanes, derechos, freezes and flooding. Of that figure, more than $6.5 billion in losses were not covered by existing Risk Management Agency (RMA) programs. READ MORE
  • A look at federal dairy programs. With wild market disruptions and supply chain shortfalls underpinning milk price volatility most of the past five years, an AFBF economist examines the farm bill provisions for dairy farmers. READ MORE