McLean County Farm Bureau

MCFB Donates Milk to Midwest Food Bank


McLean County Farm Bureau recently partnered with Prairie Farms Dairy to donate $500
of milk to Midwest Food Bank. The 180 gallons of donated milk were distributed in our local
communities through food pantries and nonprofit agencies.

“We wanted to respond to the increased need for food assistance in our community due to
the economic impacts of the coronavirus,” says Karen Corrigan, chair of the McLean County
Farm Bureau Community Engagement committee. “Disruptions in the supply chain due to
school and restaurant shutdowns also negatively impacted dairy farmers, so donating milk also helps support local farmers and prevent food waste.”

Midwest Food Bank supplies food to 93 agencies in McLean County, according to Tara
Ingham, Executive Director of Midwest Food Bank’s Bloomington/Normal Division.

“Midwest Food Bank values the partnership and concern from McLean County Farm
Bureau for those in our communities that are in need of food. This donation will help feed those experiencing hunger and help our local farmers,” Ingham says.

Milk provides nine essential nutrients including calcium, protein and vitamin D.

“Prairie Farms is a family farmer-owned dairy cooperative and this milk donation came
from their Peoria facility. The milk bottled there comes from dairy farms in central Illinois,
including some in McLean County, so it truly is a donation from local farmers to our local
communities,” Corrigan says.