McLean County Farm Bureau

2019 Special Clovers

Larry Sheppelman and Lyn Nebel received Special Clover recognition for their dedication and hard work as McLean County Fair employees. Mike Swartz, McLean County Fair manager presented the awards.

Larry Sheppelman manages the operations team for the McLean County Fair – putting everything in place for the fair to happen. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to get all of the equipment arranged from the grandstand to animal pens and trash cans to sound systems. Larry joined the fair staff in July 2010. He puts in long hours for weeks in advance, during the fair and oversees clean-up to get everything put away for the next year.

Lyn Nebel joined the Interstate Center staff in 1999 and has served on staff for 21 years. In 2012, he became the maintenance and repair specialist for the McLean County Fair. Lyn can troubleshoot and fix on just about anything – plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofs, doors, equipment and more. He builds all kinds of functional items and hangs more than 50 banners all over the fairgrounds.

The awards were sponsored by McLean County Farm Bureau.