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Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday watched U.S. Supreme Court arguments in a union fees case sparked by one of his first actions as governor. Rauner said afterward that the case is about free speech and that government employee union contributions to politicians are tantamount to bribes. (Tribune News Service)

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The U.S. Supreme Court denies effort to count only voters in drawing legislative and municipal districts. Challengers had argued only eligible voters should be counted, a method that would have allowed states to ignore non-citizens and others who do not vote. The court disagreed, saying “total-population apportionment meets the equal protection demand, by rendering each representative… read more

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The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Agriculture Department’s marketing order system by ruling that the agency must compensate farmers who are forced to turn over their crops in order to avoid oversupplies. At issue is the marketing order for raisins that props up prices by requiring producers to put excess supplies into… read more

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The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to decide next year whether the Constitution requires only eligible voters be counted when forming legislative districts, taking up a lawsuit that could shift political power to less populous rural areas from urban centers. During the 1960’s, the court ruled that legislative districts must be based on total population, the… read more

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With scorn bordering on anger, some of the Supreme Court’s more conservative members on Wednesday gave a hostile reception to a government program dating to the Great Depression meant to increase raisin prices by keeping some raisins off the market. A ruling in the case is expected later this year.

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