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Tag Archives: environment

Methane Controls

The Obama administration on Friday unveiled a strategy to reduce methane emissions from agriculture and the oil, gas and coal industries. The Agriculture and Energy Departments are charged with cutting methane from agriculture, largely from cattle flatulence and manure.  Voluntary programs that would speed the adoption of methane digesters have been proposed.

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Whole Foods Market has launched a new rating system for its fruits, vegetables and flowers that assesses growing practices on how they affect human health and the environment. The produce will be labeled “good “good,” “better,” or “best” to help shoppers make more informed choices, the company said in a news release.

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Walmart announced on Monday an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of the food it sells and to help customers improve the nutrition in their diets.

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Americans don’t eat a third of the food they produce. But while this shocking statistic might alarm consumers, many still don’t see themselves as part of the problem, and mistakenly believe that food waste is less damaging to the environment than other things we throw away, according to a new survey

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