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News about food, farming, business, politics and policy that impacts central Illinois farmers.

Understanding seed treatments, bringing positive ROI to the farm

As farmers shift their soybean planting window earlier, seeds and seedlings are exposed for longer periods of time to cooler damp soils that favor pathogens like Fusarium, the pathogen that … Read More

Urban farmers invited to USDA urban ag advisory meeting

USDA invites urban farmers, innovative producers and other stakeholders to virtually attend Feb. 23 the fourth public meeting of the Federal Advisory Committee for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production. The … Read More

Table symbolizes part of county’s ag history

In 2007, Sager invited then Woodford County Farm Bureau manager Jolene Neuhauser to select a table for a gift and choose the wood and the finish. The resulting small table, … Read More

Woodford County FB member carved a legacy in wood, fertile topsoil

Mike Sager of Eureka rescued wood much like he saved topsoil and restored beauty to both. The longtime Woodford County Farm Bureau member, self-taught wood carver and master craftsman was … Read More

First generation farmers living their dream

Brian and Debbie Prest admit they had to overcome a sharp learning curve when they first broke ground on their farm 22 years ago. But the first-generation farmers were determined, … Read More

U.S. farmers this spring will do what they do best: plant more acres of corn and soybeans in spite of historically high input costs.

 And they have good reason to, according to AgResource Co. president Dan Basse, who estimates potential farm returns to favor corn over full-season beans by up to $90 to $100 … Read More

EPA proposes renewable fuel standards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a multiyear rule that established required Renewable Volume Obligation targets and percentage standards for 2023 to 2025 and proposed modifications to the Renewable … Read More

Profit Watch: When to make sales

Is this classic scenario running through your head: “If I sell now, the price will go higher and I’ll miss my chance. If I hold, the price will drop and … Read More

Cattle estimates suggest more liquidation ahead

With cattle, calves, beef cows and cow and heifer inventories down and under trade expectations, what’s ahead for the cattle market? “I’m not sure how much futures can extend recent … Read More

Ag Census deadline on the horizon

There’s still time to complete the 2022 Census of Agriculture. As of Jan. 20, Illinois had a return rate of 30%, ranking it second among all states. Don’t forget to … Read More

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