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Unified Carrier Registration Now Available

Registration is now available for the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) effective January 5, 2018.

The fees, normally due January 1 of each year, had been delayed until this point awaiting today’s Federal Register publication in which the fees are formally established. Fees for the registration year 2018 have been reduced below the previous level by approximately 9.10%.

For 2019 and subsequent registration years, the fees will bounce back up slightly but will remain below the 2017 level by approximately 4.55%. The reductions are made to ensure the funds collected do not exceed the dollar limit that statute allows.

Due to the delay, carriers are expected to be given a 90-day period in which to register, ending April 4, 2018, before enforcement begins.

To register, visit Illinois Commerce Commission’s (ICC’s) website or call the ICC’s UCR hotline at 217-782-4654.

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