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Stewardship Key for Dicamba Use

By Richard Guebert, Jr., President, Illinois Farm Bureau®

Weeds. They’re one of the more mundane, yet formidable, challenges farmers face each year. They represent a key pest to farms around the world and rob crops of much-needed nutrients, sunlight and access to available water.

As farmers, we’re always looking for new technologies to help manage these tough-to-control pests while achieving better harvests, and dicamba may be one of the most effective tools to do just that.

Dicamba-based herbicides aren’t new for corn, but they are new this year for soybeans, which means it’s time for us to brush up on the most appropriate stewardship practices.

As a general farm organization here in Illinois – and as an organization made up of farmers – I think it’s our job to ensure our members have the information they need when it comes to new technology and products.

To do that, we’ve developed a section on our website,, to house resources intended to help you better understand the new products, and point you in the right direction when you’re looking for additional information.

You’ll find helpful resources and links to the products themselves, training and information from universities, as well as articles and videos from trade publications.

We’re extremely lucky to have tools available to us to remedy some of the most challenging resistant weeds. But if we don’t do our part to protect those tools, we’ll again be faced with pest problems with no solutions.

As farmers, it’s time to step up and do our part. After all, stewardship is in our hands.

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