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Call to Action: WOTUS

Farm Bureau members should call their Senators today and ask them to #DitchtheRule

On Friday, August 28 the dreaded EPA Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule takes effect.   The rule expands the reach of the federal government on farmland and increases every farmer and rancher’s legal liability for potential Clean Water Act violations that carry daily $37,500 fines for each violation.

It was recently revealed that even top U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officers and staff wanted to disassociate the Corps from EPA’s work product saying the final WOTUS rule is “not supported by science or law” and that it is unlikely to withstand a legal challenge.

Unfortunately, we can’t wait for the courts to act. You can bet EPA and their environmental allies won’t be waiting very long to begin implementing their new rule.

The only way to immediately stop this arbitrary and unlawful overregulation is to pass a bipartisan bill to force EPA to withdraw and rewrite the rule that takes into account the views of stakeholders and reflects Congressional intent.

On this unfortunate “eve of WOTUS,” please take a few moments to either call or email both Senator Mark Kirk (202-224- 2854) and Senator Dick Durbin (202-224-2152)  and urge each of them  to support S. 1140 – the Federal Water Quality Protection Act.
For more information, click here.

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