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Illinois Harvest Dinner Seeks Support

Agriculture advocacy efforts are, literally, moving to the field. Illinois Agri-Women invites you to support their effort to share the farm story through the Illinois Harvest Dinner, September 9 at the Mackinson Dairy Farm near Pontiac.

The Illinois Harvest Dinner event will target food influencers from the Bloomington/Normal and Peoria communities including physicians, dietitians/nutritionists, healthcare professionals, moms/parents, bloggers, and university faculty and staff. The event is designed to create an opportunity for robust conversation with farmers.

By purchasing a ‘seat at the table’ for an invited food influencer, Illinois farmers can help to further the mission of building trust and establishing relationships with consumers centered on transparent dialogue. Click here to donate.

One seat at the Illinois Harvest Dinner is $100.00. Your contribution will help cover the cost of the meal plus other event expenses.

The dinner will include a catered meal from the executive chef at The Cracked Pepper in Peoria featuring Illinois products like beef, pork, green beans, pumpkins, horseradish, peas, sweet corn, popcorn, soybeans, and wines, craft beers and more.

Each crop will be grown in a small plot designed, planted and cared for by Section 9 FFA members to help attendees see the connection from farm to fork.

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