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Lake Evergreen Watershed Nitrate Program

What is the fate of your nitrogen? Farmers in the Lake Evergreen Watershed are invited to participate in a research project aimed at providing data to drive informed decisions for nutrient management. If you would like to participate, contact us for more information.

Project Description:  Measure nitrate levels with weekly water tests from field tile outlets and adjacent streams or ditches within the watershed. Samples will be collected and tested by Illinois State University agriculture students from approximately February 1 to July 1.

Data Collection & Confidentiality:

  • Data collected will be owned by each individual farmer and will only be used for the purposes of the project. No farmer names or field locations will be disclosed or released.
  • Each participating farmer will receive individual, confidential results on a monthly basis.
  • All data will be aggregated and stripped of all identifying information before being reported or shared with other participating farmers.

Click here for more project details.

McLean County Farm Bureau received more than $10,000 in funding to administer the project through the Nutrient Stewardship Grant Program from the Illinois Farm Bureau.

Project partners include Illinois State University Agricultural Department, McLean County Soil & Water Conservation District and Sun Ag, Inc.

The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, finalized in July 2015, calls on farmers and others to reduce nitrate losses by 15% and phosphorus losses by 25% by 2025. Lake Evergreen Watershed is one of eight priority watersheds identified by the strategy.

For more on the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, please click here.

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