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Book Grants Awarded to 7 Local Teachers

Ag-related books with be cropping up in seven McLean County classrooms thanks to book grants from Illinois Ag in the Classroom.

Congratulations to the winning teachers:

  • Maureen Svob, Irving Elementary
  • Ann Schramm, LeRoy Elementary School
  • Meredith Beard, Lexington Elementary
  • Lucinda Kraft, Lexington Elementary
  • Amanda Juarez, Sheridan School
  • Adria Carter, Towanda Elementary
  • Ashley DeFreese, Towanda Elementary

Grant funds of up to $250 each will be used to purchase accurate agriculture books on topics like pollinators, seasons and soil/water stewardship.

The mission of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom program is to bring accurate and authentic agricultural information to the student in grades PreK-12 across Illinois. Funding for the program is provided by the IAA Foundation, the charitable arm of the Illinois Farm Bureau.

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