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Ag in the Classroom Gets $7,500 Grant

The McLean County Fair Ag in the Classroom program will grow and plant more seeds of food and farm knowledge with a $7,500 grant from the IAA Foundation.

The 2016-17 County AITC Coalition Grant funds are provided by the IAA Foundation, the charitable arm of the Illinois Farm Bureau.

McLean County Fair plans to use the funds to expand the reach of local AITC programs with ag-related learning kits, books and materials.

Renewal of the grant funding next year requires a dollar for dollar match from local contributions. To make a donation to McLean County Farm Bureau Foundation in support of AITC, click here.

Statewide, Illinois Ag in the Classroom program reached 646,201 students with agriculture lessons and materials. In addition 37,563 teachers and 1,263 pre-service teachers learned how to incorporate agriculture into their curriculum.

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