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Action Request: #GMOLabeling

Call Senators Durbin & Kirk and ask them to support the Roberts-Stabenow GMO labeling legislation.

Activist groups are calling on our U.S. Senators to kill the bipartisan GMO food labeling bill.

They need to hear the facts from you:

  • It’s settled science. GMOs are safe to eat.
  • The bipartisan Senate labeling bill blocks Vermont’s law and stops any other state from passing its own mandatory labeling law.
  • The bill keeps labels off of meat or dairy products produced from GMO-fed animals.
  • The Senate bill gives USDA – not FDA – the authority to determine what on-package disclosure will look like.
  • The Senate bill protects future plant breeding techniques from being stigmatized as GMO.
  • The Senate bill saves the average consumer hundreds of dollars per year at the grocery store.

Call Senator Durbin—202-224-2152 and Senator Kirk—202-224-2854

Or go to the IFB Legislative Action Center to send them a message!

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