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IFB Action Request: WOTUS

Please call Sen. Kirk and Sen. Durbin and urge them to ditch the Waters of the U.S. rule and force EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to go back to the drawing board.  Ask your senators to vote for S. 1140, the Federal Water Quality Protection Act.  Please thank Sen. Kirk for cosponsoring S. 1140.

  • Senator Mark Kirk: 202-224-2854
  • Senator Dick Durbin: 202-224-2152


At 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 3 the U.S. Senate will vote to end debate on S. 1140, the Federal Water Quality Protection Act.  S. 1140 is bipartisan legislation that requires the EPA and the Corps of Engineers to withdraw the final WOTUS rule and re-propose a new regulation after conducting the prescribed consultations with states and other stakeholders.

If the “cloture motion” fails to garner the necessary 60 votes, we then expect the Senate to immediately take up S.J. Res.22, sponsored by Iowa Republican Joni Ernst and co-sponsored by 45 others, including Sen. Kirk.  That resolution provides for congressional disapproval of the WOTUS rule.  It would be considered under provisions of the Congressional Review Act (CRA) and thus would require only 51 votes to pass.

The House has already passed H.R. 1732, the Regulatory Integrity Protection Act of 2015, which also requires withdrawal of the WOTUS rule.

Farm Bureau believes a strong vote on either S.1140 or S.J. Res. 22 will strengthen leadership’s ability to include a policy rider on the end of the year spending bill which would stand far less of a chance of being vetoed.

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